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This post will focus on using lead generation forms effectively.

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What Is A Lead Gen Form

Have you ever completed an application form with your email address to contact a business you’re curious about, as well as avail yourself of their offer of a free product? If that sounds appealing, have you filled out an application form in order to contact them and potentially receive their free product(s)?

Filling out an online form in order to register with a particular group or subscribe to periodic newsletters are examples of lead generation forms.

Lead generation forms are web forms businesses can use to collect email addresses and customer details about prospective clients.

Simply stated, when someone completes a form on your website, they demonstrate interest and enthusiasm for your business.

Once your form has collected information on an individual, that individual becomes an opportunity for your company. Your next step should be converting this lead into a paying customer.

But are lead-gen forms essential? What would happen if someone did not possess one?

Are you aware that, online, only two percent of people give out their contact info unprompted?

If you do not use lead generation forms, you could potentially lose most of the leads available to you.

Three Benefits to Creating Lead Gen Forms

If you are feeling confused or someone suggests “Why bother,” there are numerous advantages to creating a Lead generation template – here are three of them that have proven popular among business professionals.

Information collected about customers allows you to target similar ones through ads or social media.

Create an online form that reflects the image and profile of your company to increase business growth.

Converting website visitors into leads helps your business expand at a quicker pace.

Types of Lead Gen Form

What are the different forms of lead generation forms? At its core, lead gen requires collecting customer information in various ways.

  • Subscriber Sign-ups: Increase the number of people that subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Use inquiry forms to manage all inquiries effectively.
  • Provide specials or discounts.
  • Join a blog of your choice.
  • Request Contact
  • Thank you for reaching out – I look forward to speaking with you.

Before Creating Your Lead Gen Form

Before designing a lead generation form, it’s essential that you set out a goal in mind for its use. How is this lead generation form intended to assist your business?

Are you hoping to increase your customer base and the visibility of your business?

Are your primary marketing objectives to simplify subscription to your newsletter since this strategy represents an ideal method of reaching new customers?

Are You Wanting Inquiries from Potential Customers to Learn More About What Interests Them?

By doing this, it will enable you to target the individuals you are searching for while also providing all relevant details.

Give People an Appropriate Incentive It’s Before asking someone to fill out your lead generation form; there should be an incentive that makes their time worthwhile. Create something valuable as an inducement.

Care must be taken when designing forms, or else people could view and refuse to sign them.

Think about something unique to your company that you could offer for free as a means of collecting the data necessary.

Content such as videos, tips and stories, or discounts/promotions/giveaways could all serve to engage clients and drive sales.

Offer a service free of charge or host an event without charging an entry fee.

Which information are You in search of?

Ideally, your focus should be on gathering only the information necessary to achieve your goal. Don’t make the process too complex; keep things easy and straightforward day by day.

There may be hundreds of fields from which to select, but by limiting yourself to just a couple of questions, you will gain the information that’s essential from the outset. Too much complexity might discourage respondents.

Select Questions That Apply to Your Business

Lead generation forms offer several advantages for companies looking to generate leads: You can customize them to reflect the brand you represent while adding elements that reinforce this.

Consider why your lead generation form was created. What is its ultimate purpose for your company?

If you want to increase the number of visitors coming to your website, select questions related to increasing visitors.

How To Create A Simple Lead Gen Form

Establishing an online lead generation form can range from straightforward to intricate.

As an example, you could include multiple form fields, but this doesn’t have to be done immediately.

No technical skills or expertise are necessary; we’ll start off with a straightforward form.

Hubspot allows you to quickly create online forms within minutes by using its user-friendly drag-and-drop form designer.

You have the option to embed or share this form on a separate form page, depending on your website setup.

Thus, you have the flexibility of selecting different field types when creating custom form elements. For instance, you can decide where text, date entries, checkboxes and more will appear.

Once your form is organized, filling out individual questions is as straightforward as dragging and dropping them to their appropriate spots.

Select the most appropriate field types: text boxes, dropdown menus, selection options, checkboxes and date pickers, among other alternatives.

Imagine starting up a new business from scratch and collecting customer details in order to build it from the ground up. In such an endeavour, obtaining essential customer details would be crucial.

ā€“ Example 1
Imagine you provide commercial cleaning services. In order to generate leads for this service, create a “Contact Me” lead generation form. Your text could read as such:

Are you curious to find out how our meticulous cleaning services can elevate the environment of your business? Reach out via the form below.”

Your selections could include:

  • Preferred Cleaning Schedule (drop-down list with time options)
  • Area Covered By Your Premises
  • Location and number of rooms that require cleaning: (optional).
  • Your name and contact email are listed.

By filling out the form, you can gather essential data on potential clients and pursue these leads to assess whether providing cleaning services could be viable.

ā€“ Example 2
Imagine you’re an established enterprise looking to broaden its customer base.

One strategy involves creating a newsletter that offers value to prospective customers.

Your newsletter subscribers could benefit from early access to new products before their public release.

As a token of our appreciation for their loyalty, they may receive exclusive customer discounts as an act of thanks.

Your lead generation form could read:

Subscribe to our mailing list today and secure access to exclusive product previews and customer-only discounts!

Given this context, it is vital that newsletter creators design something creative yet informative in order to deliver the promised value from lead generation forms.

Newsletters must include information on new products or discounts; otherwise, their purpose would be rendered moot.

Referring back to the lead generation form, these would be the required fields:

Your name, your email address and additional contact details. You should consider including:

How did you hear about us (indicated by the dropdown list)?

Lead Gen Forms Design

How you design a lead generation form is of vital importance if used effectively. Think back on when was the last time you found filling out forms enjoyable. Many people suffer from form fatigue!

Not knowing where or how to address common inquiries could lead someone away from your site.

Style of Lead Gen Form Is Key

Though basic questions cannot be made more enticing, you can attempt to make them appear more like forms.

Most platforms provide templates you can choose and customize to reflect your company branding and increase exposure for it.

Ideally, your lead generation form should appear and show customers they are dealing with you.

Intelligent forms that personalize questions to each user can also help. That way, those who have previously visited can still see new inquiries.

Why You Need A Good Lead Gen Form

Three essential guidelines must be considered when creating a successful lead generation form: straightforward, user-friendly and uncomplicated.

If a potential client must pause before answering your query or cannot provide sufficient answers, they could decide against proceeding further and may opt out altogether.

No matter how compelling your lead generation method is, forms should not be intimidating or time-consuming to complete.

Simply put, if your form puts off prospective customers, you are forfeiting a substantial percentage of leads that might otherwise come your way at the last hurdle.

Do not let the lead generation form stop you from turning individuals into leads. A quickly and attractively designed form can help generate leads that expand the size and scope of your business to new heights.

Top Examples of A Lead Gen Form


By joining Facebook, you have already completed one of their lead generation forms and demonstrated your understanding of its significance as a business platform. Facebook provides lead-form advertisements as an effective means of targeting specific audiences. These lead form ads feature an action button that opens a form already pre-filled with user data on the Facebook platform. These forms are tailored to be straightforward and effortless for visitors to fill out, eliminating the need for them to locate or visit your website – rather, once they find you on Facebook, they can submit forms directly through this platform, usually on mobile devices.

Instructions for Constructing a Lead Generation Form in Facebook:

Access Ads Manager. Click Create. Choose lead generation as your goal and give your campaign name.

Select the Page intended for the lead ad.

Determine your target audience, placements, budget and schedule.

Decide upon your desired lead ad formats.

Easy data submission allows people to provide details even while on the move, increasing completion rates.

Tailoring a form allows you to gather specific business-related information, streamlining sales processes and identifying high-quality leads.

Integration of lead form ads into your CRM enables immediate follow-up.


LinkedIn provides an effective Lead Generation form as well.

As a large professional network online, creating your LinkedIn profile serves as an instant shareable online CV that you can build professional business networks around as well as explore job opportunities.

LinkedIn also serves as an ideal way to showcase professional expertise, including experience, skills and education.

Steps for Establishing a LinkedIn Lead Generation Form:

  1. Log into LinkedIn Campaign Manager and choose an account for creating form templates.
  2. Search Assets > Lead Generation Forms and enter details of your offer (for instance, ‘Enroll in our webinar).
  3. Include the URL for your privacy policy, as this is a crucial legal component.
  4. Choose which fields to include in your form.
  5. Design a thank-you page.
  6. Attach the form to a campaign advertisement (also known as sponsored content).
  7. Opt for “Collect leads using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.”

Benefits: LinkedIn’s lead gen form serves as an intermediary between marketers searching for quality lead data and members’ ease of accessing content.

These forms maximize both lead quantity and quality, thus increasing conversion rates.

Options for LinkedIn businesses range from promoting white papers, newsletter sign-ups or webinars – to offering seamless communication between their members and businesses for accurate customer data collection.


Now under Facebook ownership, Instagram provides marketers with marketing tools. Instagram lead generation forms allow companies to collect customer information without forcing customers off Instagram – providing insights from customers who may not visit your website directly but still engage on Instagram. By gathering data without redirecting or losing customers due to complex journeys, these forms ensure customer retention.

Guidelines for Establishing an Instagram Lead Form:

  1. Select the “Lead Generation” objective.
  2. Link your Facebook page. Define your target audience.
  3. Set Your Budget And Create The Format The Next Steps Are To Generating Life 4 Leads.

website example: Life 4 Leads

One example of an effective lead generation form can be seen at

Its purpose is to collect customer data that shows interest in Life 4 Leads services. Visitors who click on the ‘Request A Proposal’ call-to-action button on the homepage are taken directly to a comprehensive lead generation form featuring customizable headings about services offered and dropdown lists that direct visitors directly to relevant teams.

Simple questions help ensure leads reach the correct contact, while additional fields provide budget information and project start times.

Furthermore, Life 4 Leads’ form includes an “I agree to receive other communications from Life 4 Leads” checkbox that facilitates lead nurturing and potential conversion even without immediate contract commitment.

What To Do With The Data

Once you’ve collected some impressive information through lead generation forms, what comes next?

Ideally, this data could provide the user with an array of prospective clients and their contact details – not to mention other relevant information that may help.

They should demonstrate enthusiasm for your company, making them qualified leads who require nurturing.

Step two will involve using this information to guide leads through your lead generation process and eventually convert them to customers.

Starting out, you need a plan in place for how you’ll follow up with leads. For instance, sending emails within five minutes or calling every lead within 24 hours are both excellent strategies for follow-up.

If you have asked leads to subscribe to your email newsletter, make sure that all leads have registered their emails so they receive it on a weekly or whatever frequency is chosen by you.

Respond with thank-you messages as soon as possible for quicker results.

Saying Thank You

An engaging thank-you page can encourage customers to remain active with your company after they complete your form.

They have provided their contact details in order to allow you to call them at any time, with the hopes that you receive an email response as well.

Thus, an informal thank-you for your consideration would be the next step in keeping that relationship alive and making an initial formal business contact.

Most commonly, when using one of the more well-known social networking websites, you have access to templates with acknowledgements included.

However, you can modify the text to convey a unique and relevant message representing your brand and business.

Why Choose Life 4 Leads

Life 4 Leads provides various marketing services, as mentioned above.

The process begins by identifying prospects and leads that meet each client’s specific requirements.

Example: A business selling garden furniture will likely seek different leads than one selling games design programs.

Life 4 Leads will identify who your leads could be and the most efficient means of turning them into paying customers.

There are various methods and platforms that could be utilized, such as Lead generation forms.

Life 4 Leads can assist your company in reaching its goals and expanding.

Make an offer now through and request one!



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