30 Best Lead Generation Tools To Increase Lead Quality

In this article, we’ll look at 30 of the top tools for lead generation, tools that can improve lead quality.

At Life 4 Leads, we are passionate about lead generation, as it could become the cornerstone of your business’s expansion. If done right, lead generation could become essential.

Many people mistakenly equate lead generation with simply driving traffic to their site; however, that is only half of the battle.

Lead generation can be an arduous task. At Life 4 Leads, their team put together 30 of the best Lead Gen Tools that increase quality leads.

Today, we hope our list will assist in taking your business to its highest possible levels of prosperity! We believe it can do wonders!

No matter where you are on your lead generation journey, whether a novice or veteran professional. We have all of the lead-generation tools necessary for you!

This list has been organized into sections in order to provide clarity.

So take a deep breath, sit back, and get started on that list of tasks – starting by building leads immediately!

Table of Contents

Lead Generation And Email Marketing Tools

As part of our compilation of the top 30 lead generation tools that will improve lead quality, we would like to present an array of valuable tools and software solutions known to produce results.

Here are our four go-to tools for lead-generation marketing:


Prioritizing an intuitive and visually captivating landing page to attract potential leads should be at the top of every online marketer’s to-do list.

Regrettably, not everyone possesses web design skills. This is where SeedProd steps in, offering an exceptional landing page builder designed for WordPress users.

The drag-and-drop interface allows for the easy creation of stylish landing pages, sales pages, and more, using more than 100 templates available for use.

Additionally, there are email marketing features that you can access as well.

Highlighted Features: SeedProd offers email marketing features to bolster your efforts.

Real-Time Live and Mobile Previews: For anyone eager to witness their website as it comes together in real-time, this feature offers customer-oriented views of your creation in one-click mobile previews.

Pricing: SeedProd’s current pricing structure is denominated in USD; our basic package costs PS55.81 annually (subject to currency conversion fluctuations).

See SeedProd here.


TrustPulse serves as a social proof marketing tool, showing your website visitors which actions they’ve taken, creating an air of trustworthiness and safety about the site they’re on.

TrustPulse allows site operators to closely track events such as purchases, downloads and email sign-ups on their site.

Highlighted Features

Real-time Event Tracking: This tool offers real-time tracking of activities taking place on your website, enabling you to observe these actions as they unfold.

Smart Targeting: With intelligent targeting, social proof is presented to its intended target audience at precisely the right moment, helping increase conversions through advanced targeting rules and timing controls.

Customizable Notifications: TrustPulse makes it possible to design eye-catching notifications that perfectly reflect the style and design of your company.

Pricing: All pricing information found on the TrustPulse website is expressed in USD currency. Our basic plan starts at PS6.36 per month, while our growth package, featuring more options, currently stands at PS35.31 monthly.

TrustPulse can be found here.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers additional features that allow users to customize their websites and email campaigns through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Highlighted Features:

User-Friendly Interface: Our drag-and-drop interface simplifies the creation of professional websites and email campaigns while still allowing for some creative freedom.

Intelligent Email Automation: Email automation ensures a steady communication channel with your audience, which in turn drives sales growth. A range of triggers can initiate different email automation to strengthen customer relationships.

Pricing: Constant Contact offers two plans on its website, beginning with small businesses at PS15 per month for the more basic features; more comprehensive plans start around PS30 monthly without VAT included in these prices.

Explore Constant Contact here.


SendinBlue is an all-in-one marketing toolbox designed to facilitate digital marketing efforts. Its comprehensive toolkit covers everything from creating landing pages and tracking real-time website stats.

Highlighted Features: Comprehensive Toolkit: SendinBlue provides a wide range of features designed to address every aspect of online marketing – making it an all-encompassing solution.

This concise overview highlights its capabilities as a lead-generation marketing tool and equips you to make informed choices regarding your marketing strategies.

Discover SendinBlue here.

Email Finder Tools

An essential step toward expanding your online presence and improving lead quality involves increasing your email subscriber lists and contact databases. There are various tools online available for identifying relevant emails about your business niche; let’s examine some of these tools now:


AeroLeads provides an efficient method for quickly discovering email addresses associated with business profiles, with over 115.508 active customers as of November 2017. Running as an easy Chrome plugin, AeroLeads boasts an active customer base of 115,508 and has proven user-friendly experience for millions.

Key Features: * Quick Business Email Identification: Utilizing LinkedIn or AeroLeads, quickly discover business emails of individuals.

Comprehensive Data Points: Access up to 15 unique data points, including full names, job titles, locations, company emails and more.

Price Range: Intended subscription plans range from PS34.55 per month up to PS351.87; prices listed on the AeroLeads website are in USD.

Check out AeroLeads here.


Hunter is an innovative email discovery tool that helps users quickly identify target prospect emails via domain searches, email finder tools or article author identification. Furthermore, this email verifier ensures no bounce issues arise during email delivery.

Key Features

Email Finder: Quickly identify email addresses linked to business accounts online.

Email Verifier: Verifying emails helps ensure the accuracy of your contact list, giving customers confidence that their correspondence has reached its destination.

Pricing: Our packages start from EUR49/month for the starter plan and reach EUR399 per month with our comprehensive enterprise package.

Check out Hunter here.


AnyMailFinder stands out by exclusively charging for verified and genuine email addresses, enabling users to explore emails by conducting job title searches or conducting bulk investigations on specific websites or chains.

Key Features: A key feature of AnyMailFinder’s Service is Verified Emails Only. To reduce time and resources wasted by wasted searches, AnyMailFinder only includes verified email addresses in its search results.

Pricing: Whether opting for a one-time purchase or monthly plan payments, prices begin from PS29.00.

Check out AnyMailFinder here.

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert stands out among email discovery tools with its 98% success rate in producing meaningful leads. Although lacking some stand-out features, Voila Norbert still provides efficient scaling options and integrations through its API.

Key Features: Washington DC CleanUp Services Provides scalable API integrations that facilitate bulk actions and seamless integrations for any task or integration process.

Pricing: Onoula Norbert offers two basic packages starting from PS34.55 per month up to PS351.87 in monthly costs for USD pricing on their website.

Feel free to explore these tools further using the provided links for additional information.

Check out Voila Norbet here.

Outreach and Prospecting Tools

Outreach and prospecting tools help your contacts become leads and sales opportunities. Here are our five preferred tools for outreach and prospecting efforts.


As a Google Chrome extension, Datanyze helps you access contact details directly from LinkedIn and company websites for B2B cold contacts. Tailored explicitly towards B2B cold leads, its extension enables seamless data capture while browsing social media.

Key Features: Real-time Data Capture: Capture contact information as you surf the web and initiate conversations through our built-in ‘icebreakers.’

Streamlined Conversations: Save yourself the trouble of brainstorming conversation starters by streamlining conversations so you can focus on lead conversion instead.

List Export: Quickly organize leads into organized lists using spreadsheet software – perfect for meticulous users!

Pricing: Datanyze’s monthly subscription costs approximately PS27.50 in USD; visit their website for further details.

Check Out Datanyze here.

D&B Hoovers

With its comprehensive database and advanced analytics, D&B Hoovers is an online sales acceleration tool that helps your organization quickly move prospects through to sales.

Key Features: Wrangling Insights on Over 170 Million Businesses for Targeted Marketing: Access over 170 million business data sets for targeting effectiveness.

Pricing Details: While D&B Hoovers do offer free trials, pricing details remain unknown. To gain more insight, explore their products.

Check out D&B Hoovers here.

Outreach Plus

Outreach Plus is designed to facilitate personalized cold email creation, foster relationships, and generate leads while also offering automated follow-up capabilities.

Key Features: Generating Persuasive Emails: Utilize advanced personalization features to craft engaging emails.

Rapid Campaign Creation: Our 4-step campaign wizard makes email campaign creation quick.

Pricing: Outreach Plus’s pricing starts from PS55.72 per month in US Dollars on their website.

Check out Outreach Plus here.


Growbots makes email campaigns simpler with its three-step process and extensive database of over 100 million contacts, as well as standard personalization features like automated responses.

Key Features: 3-Step Campaigns: Target Your Market Efficiently and Launch Campaigns in Three Easy Steps

Pricing Information: Pricing details can be provided upon request.

Visit GrowBots’ website for more details.


Prospect.io serves as a sales automation platform, supporting outbound sales growth through multichannel selling techniques. It includes automated outbound emails and list-building capabilities.

Key Features: Versatile Platform: Create Lists, Manage Outbound Messages, Increase Productivity and more.

Pricing: Two pricing options are available. The credit system involves purchasing email finder credits, while our Business Package starts from EUR149 monthly.

Please remember that prices and details listed may change at anytime; for the latest up-to-date information, visit each tool’s website.

Check out Prospect.io here.

CRM Tools

CRM (Customer Relationship Management Tools) allows for the efficient tracking and management of prospects and sales through your entire sales pipeline.

Here are our top recommendations for essential CRM tools for your business:


Pardot provides marketing solutions that automate email correspondence, allowing you to track prospects and sales easily.

Customize email interactions to meet the precise needs of your prospects.

Providers offer various services and applications designed to aid those venturing into B2B marketing.

Price: Pardot offers multiple pricing plans; their growth package begins at PS1000 per month for up to 10,000 contacts, and all packages are billed annually.

Discover Pardot here.


SharpSpring provides another sales and automation platform that facilitates lead-to-sale conversion with powerful automation tools.

Features: Sophisticated Analytics: Gain valuable insight from every interaction to send timely, appropriate messages.

Dynamic Forms: Quickly collect leads using SharpSpring’s dynamic form creation tools.

Price: SharpSpring offers multiple pricing plans starting at PS388.51 per month (these were USD prices when writing this).

Discover SharpSpring here.


The two services each provide an array of hubs dedicated to various CRM management aspects: Sales Hub, Service Hub, Marketing Hub, CMS Hub and Operations Hub are some of the options that may work in concert or separately for optimal CRM management.

HubSpot offers easily accessible free versions that make it the ideal solution for newcomers to CRM.

HubSpot’s starter package prices begin at PS38 per month; visit their website here to learn more.


Keap stands out with over two decades of industry experience and provides services similar to what other CRM tools provide.

They provide various tool versions from which to choose.

Price: The Lite package currently costs PS55.89 monthly; all prices were in USD at the time of writing.

Discover Keap here.


Contactually is designed specifically for real estate agents and provides similar tools tailored specifically for this industry.

Price: The professional package costs PS48.82 monthly on Contactually’s website in USD. All prices on Contactually are displayed as “PS” prices for convenience.

Check out Contactually here.

Sales Tools

Sales tools are essential in maintaining existing relationships and helping your current clients become loyal repeat buyers.

Our selection of premier sales tools is designed to maximize the usefulness of your lead generation efforts.

HubSpot Sales

On top of its other great tools for lead generation, HubSpot also provides HubSpot Sales, which boasts features like these.

Templates and Tracking: Simplify your campaigns and email interactions by using pre-designed email templates from HubSpot Sales, with email tracking letting you know when a lead opens your email.

Document Management and Tracking Tools: With document management and tracking tools, effortlessly build and organize an extensive repository of sales-relevant sales content.

Price: HubSpot offers an array of free tools, but for an enhanced set of features, consider upgrading to their “Starter” package at PS42 per month.

Discover HubSpot Sales here.

Linkedin Sales Navigator

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sophisticated tool for lead and company searches on LinkedIn. Key features of its use include:

Targeted Engagement: Target specific personas with tailored email outreach campaigns designed to meet their individual needs.

Real-Time Statistics: Stay current with real-time sales insights using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Profile Views: Gain a deeper insight into who has viewed your LinkedIn profile.

Price: The Professional package starts from PS55.94 per month in USD terms.

Uncover LinkedIn Sales Navigator here.


SalesForce has transformed pipeline monitoring through the cloud-based automation of online sales tasks. It features various apps and features.

Automation: SalesForce’s features are tailored to automate repetitive tasks and free your team up for more impactful work.

Price: Packages start from PS20 a month, with their Enterprise Plan listed as costing PS120 on their website.

Check out SalesForce here.


Pipedrive is an exceptional lead-generation tool that simplifies tasks and administrative duties. Some of its features include:

Easy Data Import: Accumulate information from other software platforms without difficulty.

User-Friendly Interface: Pipedrive has earned praise and awards for its user-friendly interface.

Price: The recommended package can be purchased for PS49.90 monthly billing cycles.

Explore Pipedrive here.

These tools enable lead generation, relationship nurturing and pipeline management – helping your sales team focus on impactful tasks instead.

Advertising Tools

Advertising tools help your products gain exposure and attract leads. Although platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer their own advertising services, it may be wise to explore other possibilities:

Google Ads

The importance of Google is undeniable on the internet; whenever someone needs information, they’ll most likely turn to it. Their robust advertising system should be utilized, and if you aren’t yet, now’s the time to take advantage of this wonderful tool! Crafting ads is simple – they almost create themselves! Additionally, for those interested in deeper campaign details, there are advanced tools available.

Key Features: It Speedier Than SEO: Google Ads may provide faster results, yet should supplement, not replace, traditional SEO efforts.

Seamless Connectivity: Given Google’s vast reach, failure to leverage this outstanding tool would be an irreplaceable loss.

Flexible Budgeting: Google Ads puts you in charge of your spending budget, giving you control of cost-effective campaigns.

Come discover it now.


Adespresso consolidates your advertising endeavours onto one streamlined platform, providing easy distribution across diverse online landscapes such as Facebook, Instagram and Google. This platform empowers you to design stunning campaigns quickly while making adjustments as needed on the fly.

Pricing: The Starter Package: Presently priced at PS34.72 monthly when paid annually in US Dollars. Please be aware that all prices were listed as US dollars only when written up.

Explore Adespresso here.


AdRoll can serve as another advertising avenue to capitalize on potential sales, from abandoned carts to previously disengaged leads. AdRoll’s data management tools and strategies enable you to capture their attention early and convert leads more successfully.

Pricing: AdRoll currently costs PS13.47/month when paid annually in US dollars on their website.

AdRoll: Our featured sales tool AdRoll reaches 98% of visitors who don’t convert on their initial site visit.


Retargeter can reengage these shoppers via various applications that enable audience re-engagement across various retargeting dimensions.

Pricing: When seeking pricing details from Retargeter’s website, requesting a personalized quote may be your best bet.

Explore Retargeter here.

This advertising tool can enhance product promotion and lead generation efforts, offering unique advantages tailored to different aspects of your advertising campaigns.

Communication Tools

Once conversations begin, they provide the foundation for developing meaningful relationships. Over time, this fosters both trust and awareness between you both.

These two elements play an integral part in your leads deciding to purchase from your website.

This section’s selection of tools will significantly aid your communication efforts.


Intercom offers another business-driven messaging platform. With it comes bots, live chat services, applications and website product tours.

Effectively streamline email and messaging operations while building long-lasting relationships with potential clients.

Key Features of Business Messenger and Message Management System

Uncomplicated Relationship Building Intelligent Bots to Provide Automated Support

Integrate with over 250 Apps and Websites

Pricing: There is limited information available online about pricing, with an early-stage company offer of PS46.05 per month in USD equivalent. Custom quotes may also be obtained upon inquiry.

Discover Intercom’s offerings here.


Drift offers an assortment of features tailored specifically to businesses seeking a customer experience focused on B2B transactions.

Their toolbox includes chatbots and all of the expected features associated with such companies.

Key Features of Comprehensive Conversation Overview include: (* )

Real-Time Personalization, Pricing: Full details are available upon direct contact.

Discover more about Drift here.


CallPage is a callback automation service tailored to your website that allows callbacks to start within 28 seconds, connecting prospects directly with your sales team.

This tool offers connections for both landlines and mobile phones.

CallPage offers an unrestricted free trial on its website for seven days, allowing users to experience everything that CallPage can provide without paying anything upfront.

Key Features: Call Management Tools. Customizable Voice and Text Messaging Solutions.

Pricing: CallPage’s flagship package costs PS84.51 per month in USD terms, accommodating up to 150 leads monthly. A free trial is also offered.

Check out CallPage here.

Some Favourite Lead Generation Tools

Now, let’s examine a selection of our preferred lead generation tools that we haven’t discussed yet. These tools offer remarkable functionality that can significantly enhance lead management. Let’s delve deeper into each tool:


Zapier is an invaluable tool for seamlessly connecting different applications and automating workflow processes from one convenient platform. With its “Zaps,” this platform automates repetitive administrative tasks while facilitating data exchange among apps – making life simpler in areas such as CRM, email marketing and marketing campaigns, cross-platform content sharing, and real-time lead notifications to your team.

Features: Assorted Compatible Apps.

Streamlined Automation Price: PS35.34 per month when paid annually or PS53.01 monthly with other payment options

Learn about Zapier here.


ReferralCandy offers an automated customer referral program with a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring data and analytics, making it a useful tool for seamlessly connecting various e-commerce and marketing platforms.

Features: Easy User-Interface and Attractive Pricing (USD Pricing).

Discover more about ReferralCandy here.


Our team loves Ahrefs as an all-in-one SEO solution with many features, ranging from site auditing and keyword exploration to content creation and website oversight. This tool offers invaluable insights for optimizing online presence. It is essential for content creation as well as oversight purposes.


Sophisticated Learning Resources for Every Interest Area. Ahrefs provides comprehensive resources to initiate SEO for your business, including exceptional learning materials and video tutorials accessible on their website.

Comprehensive SEO Toolkit Price: PS127.06 per month in USD pricing

Ahrefs can be found here.


Bouncing around Gmail email scheduling software such as Boomerang may help to manage email correspondence effectively by offering features like follow-up reminders, cross-device compatibility and pausing your inbox so that you can focus on more critical tasks.

Features of Follow-up Assistance and Timed Emails in addition to Monthly Pricing at PS10.64 (USD pricing).

Discover Boomerang here.

Convert Plus

Convert Plus is a WordPress plugin designed to make creating eye-catching pop-ups effortless. From building email lists, sharing updates or offering discounts – Convert Plus provides customizable options with animations and fonts suitable for each pop-up message.

Features: Wonka Font Pack offers various animations and an extensive font selection at PS16.33 per piece in USD pricing.

Discover more about Convert Plus here.

These tools combine to form a comprehensive toolkit designed to boost lead generation, workflow automation and customer engagement. Their array of features can cater to various business needs to ensure an effortless experience for their users.

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In this article, we have presented you with the top 30 lead-generation tools designed to increase the quality of leads.

We have taken a comprehensive approach to lead generation at Lead Generation Solutions utilizing communications tools, marketing tactics, and more.

As part of this guide, we also present five tools we regularly utilize in our office, as well as several of the most frequently used by marketing and advertising professionals to help inform our readers on how best to approach lead generation processes on their own.

Thank you for reading our article; Life 4 Leads hopes that it has proven informative and beneficial. We thank you again and hope to assist with any issues regarding Life 4 Leads services or products.

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