2020, The Year of Lead Generation!

Topic: 2020, the Year of Lead Generation.

Has 2019 gone quickly for you? Now is an opportune time to think ahead to next year and begin thinking of ways to expand the size of your business next year.

Have You Tried Marketing Yet? Investing in marketing could make the difference between having a great year and having an exceptional year.

Marketing comes in many forms, but here, we want to highlight those activities necessary for lead generation. Leads are of immense value no matter what industry your business may operate in.

To begin..

At this point, it is likely that you have either researched Leads extensively or are at least curious as to their potential benefits for your company. At the outset of our conversation, we mentioned that 2020 is coming fast, and that if your business has yet to establish a marketing plan, now is the time.

We have created an outline of areas we believe you should prioritize for lead generation. And the top one has our vote.

SEO – The king of content

Content truly reigns supreme! Let’s be bold enough to declare it: Content is King. Now, let’s dive deeper into the reasons for its glory.

Content consumption is evolving. With more people owning devices such as smartphones and tablets, access to the internet has never been more accessible. We have seen an explosion of blogging, and its positive influence on company revenue has been nothing short of amazing.

Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Nike, and Adidas are among the many major players that have adopted blogging and article marketing approaches as an effective strategy to bolster brand presence and engage their target audiences.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has long been used as part of content marketing strategies, but now its importance has grown more apparent. SEO employs critical search terms and phrases to increase the discoverability of blog articles among those searching for them online.

Content marketing allows your business to attract a wider audience. Be sure to finish each article off with a link back to your webpage and a compelling call to action!

Social Media Marketing

It is undeniable that social media usage continues to skyrocket worldwide as more individuals join various platforms every day.

Professionals should keep LinkedIn at the top of their minds. LinkedIn serves as the premier business social network, giving professionals a platform to network and collaborate. Being active on LinkedIn can result in recommendations and leads for both yourself and your brand.

Instagram and Facebook continue to thrive. Instagram may become the most prominent platform over time as visual storytelling gains prominence, and its Pay Per Click (PPC) integration makes Instagram an indispensable platform.

Email Marketing

An evergreen strategy in marketing, email marketing is still highly effective for many businesses, especially those with extensive customer bases. In 2020, many continued leveraging its potential.

However, even without an impressive client base, you can use your website to gain traction. Encourage visitors to subscribe by encouraging signup forms; over time, this will build your email list.

Email marketing provides the ideal complement to your content writing efforts; ensure the messages sent out to subscribers are not just engaging but truly interesting, as this strategy has an excellent Return On Investment (ROI).

However, remember that your email marketing efforts directly deliver content to recipients. A clear strategy for lead generation through email will increase success rates significantly.

To Summarise: 2020, The Year of Lead Generation!

Reality check: none of these methods by themselves will yield the same level of success without an organized plan in place or simply on their own.

All successful marketing plans typically incorporate content, social media, email marketing, and lead-generation techniques as core elements. All three tactics have enormous power to attract new customers through leads generated.



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