Instagram for Lead Generation

Instagram for Lead Generation

Instagram seems to be taking over the world!…well not precisely, but when it comes to social media, it is competing with Facebook as one of the dominant platforms of tomorrow – enough so for them to buy it outright! These platforms can also serve as an avenue for business promotion and lead generation; we, therefore, provide all the necessary information so you can benefit from it and start your account today.

Lets begin

Step one is simple: register for an Instagram profile. Instagram stands out from most platforms by offering two distinct profiles; regular users should opt for standard profiles, while businesses should prefer business ones as these could provide greater exposure and success on Instagram. Here’s why:

  • Contact Options – A business page stands out from standard profiles by including not only messaging capabilities but also the capability for customers to call or email your company for support. This feature can prove invaluable when customers require immediate help with an issue.
  • Insights – Instagram Insights can be an invaluable asset if you’re new to the platform, offering data such as how many likes your posts receive, the age groups of viewers, their locations, and clicks or impressions generated from each position.
  • Ability to Post from Your Desktop – Up until recently, Instagram was one of the few platforms that did not allow for posting from computers; with a business account, now you have this added flexibility for easier marketing commitment management.
  • Run Instagram Ads – Now we get down to business: Instagram ads are exclusively accessible with business profiles, so keep reading to gain more knowledge on this front!

Sponsored Posts

Instagram-sponsored posts offer an effective means of expanding the reach of organic content. When you craft a sponsored post using Instagram’s tools, they leverage existing feed posts as leverage points. Below, we’ll outline all the advertising options at your disposal. Sponsored advertisements serve a number of functions, the two most prevalent ones being to promote your brand and highlight your products or services. While they may seem similar, one typically emphasizes sales-centric approaches while the other aims to expand brand recognition. Instagram provides a diverse array of options depending on the goals of your advertising, such as:

  • Stories Ads
  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Ads in Explore

Each format can be tailored to specific advertising requirements.

As previously noted, one of the significant advantages of sponsored posts lies in their precise targeting criteria. Employing these parameters enables you to pinpoint your ideal geographic and demographic targets; effective targeting can increase lead generation rates significantly.

Accurate targeting is critical for engaging your target audience effectively with your content; similar to Facebook, all necessary data can be easily accessible via Ads Manager.

Transposing this theory to lead generation, being able to conduct targeted audience promotion can yield remarkable results.

Leads can come in the form of followers commenting on your posts, direct messages sent directly from Instagram to you, or even website link clicks from Instagram pages. No matter the form these leads take, this strategy has the power to open up new doors of clientele expansion for your business.

To Summarise

Instagram can also be an effective platform to use when looking to acquire leads, with one particular advantage over other platforms being user engagement.

Photos can be an engaging attraction; when you post images that resonate with your fans, they’ll likely engage with them. Furthermore, Instagram may surpass Facebook as the top social media platform.



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