Tips & Tricks: Write a decent Blog

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Getting Started…


At its core, blogging is about consistently and repeatedly creating engaging and captivating content to keep readers coming back for more. Attractive blogs provide readers with access to any industry at any level, but to stay ahead in their field, you need a strategy for content production that lasts over time and maintains user interest. Every blogger is distinct in their approach and niche subjects, as well as personal style, but there are some essential guidelines you should abide by if you want to produce excellent content that adds value for your readers. Aiming for a low bounce rate and longer “duration of session time” times should be your goal when producing valuable blog posts. Use an analytics program such as Google Analytics to visualize your data and quickly understand which subjects are performing most effectively. Influential bloggers tend to blog about topics that will likely bring the greatest return, like those associated with the subsequent booms in sales or product revenue.

Captivate viewers with an intriguing headline


Your headline for your content is one of the main drivers behind why people share, click, read and interact with it in the first place. Content must reach its intended target audience for it to have any chance of being read by them. Think about what keywords people search in search engines in order to locate your website, while readers could offer tips and guidance for writing quality blogs. Keep in mind that visitors don’t always come to your website due to your marketing effort alone. By creating engaging content and optimizing it with SEO for Your Blog or Website, you can start reaping more engagement and traffic, plus start increasing audience size through targeting. Targeting should always come first!

Choose a topic that you are passionate and knowledgeable about


Choose an area of passion for you for many reasons, primarily long-term motivation and more original content creation. Focusing on something you find enjoyable will keep your motivation high and encourage original compositions. Speaking or writing about topics you are knowledgeable about makes communication and writing easier than trying to discuss something unfamiliar. Your credibility increases if what you say comes from personal experience and can draw readers in more effectively than generic topics. Remember this as a goal when writing, publishing or making decisions. Blogging requires building an audience, engaging readers, and keeping them coming back for more content. Once this goal has been reached, consider ways to monetize and expand services offered, such as creating and selling an eBook or initiating affiliate marketing as a possible monetization option. There’s plenty to keep an eye out for!

Place time and thought into your Design


Blogs typically thrive regardless of their physical appearance as long as their focus remains on creating and publishing quality, relevant content. But to increase reader satisfaction further, focusing on user experience over and above creating and publishing articles is always preferable; increase it wherever possible on your blog or website to boost the overall experience for readers. To make the posts on your site engaging and captivating, take time and consideration in selecting images for use on your blog, their purpose and why they matter. Make a plan on where and when your photos should go so they are easy to incorporate into each new blog you plan writing and publishing. Images can assist in smashing up the monotony of blog reading for visitors and establish you as a reliable source of original and fresh content, giving your website an extra advantage over competitors that don’t share its style or experience.

Host your own blog – don’t rely on other platforms

If blogging is something that you are interested in doing for reasons beyond passion, personal need, or both, then setting up your own blog on one of the many excellent platforms available online should definitely be on your agenda.

Tumblr, Blogger and other blogging platforms such as Wix can serve a helpful function and make improving blog posts much simpler. But should you want to take things a step further and invest a small sum in yourself,

Bluehost and WordPress are two platforms which should become your primary choices for hosting blog sites. Bluehost is one of the premier and most prominent web hosting providers, powering thousands of websites with WordPress as its open-source blogging tool and CMS (Content Management System), built upon PHP and MySQL. WordPress was used by 23.3 per cent of all the top 10 million websites as of January 15, 2015.

Promote your Blog content using Social Media


Successful blogging requires being honest and open about topics that fascinate you. As more people discover your blog content through word of mouth and other channels, the greater its chances are of being found and appreciated by readers who like your posts or want to discuss them among themselves. As more readers discover your posts or discover them themselves through other means, such as sharing or conversation forums, readers will become loyal readers who appreciate what they’ve read here and may become loyal subscribers as a result of that exposure. In order to do this, it is imperative that your Blog posts are engaging and enjoyable, showing your personality and ideas effectively. Social Media can be a fantastic venue to build a loyal fan base and increase visits to your website or blog. By posting relevant and engaging content, you’re able to spread your message further while driving more traffic your way. Social media success hinges upon being consistent and analysing when and how your target audience responds to and engages with your content. Choose either to post on peak times only or create a comprehensive strategy and regularly share material. Doing this may require more material. As you start out, build your audience by connecting with people who share similar purposes as yourself, as well as industry experts and bloggers with similar interests. Share their posts, connect with them, and promote them – they may serve as great role models as you ascend the career ladder! Find more tips and resources on managing and tracking social media marketing campaigns by contacting us now!

Generate a High volume – be consistent with your output


There are numerous powerful tools and technologies available online that can aid and support your marketing strategies, no matter the industry you specialize in. Time can be saved with software designed to automate and plan content production, giving you more time and freedom to focus on writing instead. Furthermore, this will also help build your reputation online through an increased online presence.

Here are a few to consider:

Hootsuite makes automating and scheduling your posts easy with its scheduler feature and content-sourcing platform, helping you source relevant posts to share at crucial moments of operation. 

Klout provides you with both a “Klout” score and high-quality content you can share on social media – helping you to build an empire! 

Sendible provides an intuitive dashboard for social media management: send out messages, schedule them and interact with followers while measuring ROI all from one convenient platform.

To Summarise


Here are a few essential Tips and tricks to create a quality blog. As you work at it, your skills and methods will improve, eventually leading you down the path toward becoming an accomplished blogger. Writing content of high quality is one thing, but to become a successful blogger, you also must know how to market and promote it effectively, staying ahead of the game in terms of which stories or posts you should be sharing with readers. Establish a broad fan base and remain true to your message in order to become known as an authority figure or expert on whatever subject is being addressed. Focusing on your niche can make this easier, but in an ever-expanding market, it takes creativity to spot and create the next significant trend. Have fun blogging!



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