The top 10 statistics you should know about YouTube

YouTube is quickly becoming the go-to venue for those confident to share videos online, from businesses and influencers to brands, companies, and influencers looking for exposure on the platform. Over half of social media users who view videos say they are more likely to buy. YouTube holds immense potential to boost profits, yet many companies and businesses remain unaware of its full potential – we have compiled a list of 10 facts you should be aware of before exploring YouTube further.

The History

YouTube was established by three retired PayPal employees in 2005. Since its creation, this platform has provided access to an enormous range of content and features to billions of users around the globe – making it one of the most widely visited websites online.

YouTube has made considerable advances since its emergence 15 years ago, and these top 10 statistics only scratch the surface of its significance. With its global audience and focus on video content creation and consumption, this platform has brought revolutionary changes to video consumption.

2 Billion logged-in monthly users

With 2 billion monthly logins, YouTube is easily the world’s most-used social media platform. Furthermore, this total only counts those logged in; unwitting users likely account for approximately 1 billion extra viewers every month! Your videos could reach three billion-person exposure every month on this incredible platform!

81% of 15-25 years olds use YouTube

YouTube’s popularity among those 15-25 is steadily increasing, thanks to an increasingly engaged audience and influencers drawing the younger generation’s attention with brand collaborations, life updates, and projects they are undertaking.

93% of video watchers in India watch YouTube

YouTube, as an internet platform, boasts international reach. 93% of Indian video viewers utilize its services, providing companies with an opportunity to grow globally. China and the USA both boast substantial populations, which could also take advantage of YouTube.

500 Hours uploaded every minutes

YouTube has quickly become one of the top social media platforms. Vlogs about daily life, user guides, or comparisons all receive considerable exposure on this platform; as uploaded videos increase in numbers, so do viewers as well.

Visitors spend on average 10 minutes plus per day on YouTube

With more viewers spending more time each year browsing YouTube, your message can reach more potential clients. However, YouTube is exceptionally competitive; those who garner hits tend to use unique approaches in their videos and content creation.

You are 6x more likely to have your page viewed if you are on YouTube

Label your goods! With over 2 billion people busily using social media every month, YouTube provides you with more opportunities to gain traffic than any other social media platform. Through in-video ads – also known as in-video links – viewers can click links directly to your products or services on YouTube.

70% of users are mobile

People’s ways of consuming content are changing all the time, and YouTube viewers are no different. 70 percent are viewing on mobile devices – this allows you to recommend that your audiences are commuters or people taking lunch hour breaks; you could then tailor your video appropriately (e.g., short clips with a maximum 10-minute running time).

‘Which product to buy’ is the most viewed title from a business sense

Consumers are becoming more educated before spending their hard-earned cash, which is why consumer reviews of “Which product should I buy” videos are such a helpful resource for making purchasing decisions. Customers rely on expert opinions when making purchases based on these videos.

If you have something you want to promote, take two steps. Create your own YouTube channel, producing an educational and informative video and sharing it with influential figures in your field (which could potentially make more of an impactful statement than you). Next, distribute this material through intermediary networks, as they will likely have greater reach than yourself when it comes to promoting products.

In the US alone YouTube make 5.5 billion in advert revenue

The US is one of the top markets to advertise via YouTube advertising. An estimated $5.5 billion annually in ad revenue is generated, and increasing numbers of businesses make money by promoting their products and services on YouTube. Businesses and organizations are realizing they can reach their target audiences more efficiently by showing ads across other videos as well.

YouTube utilizes an intricate algorithm, enabling them to identify the best videos based on past viewer history. If your target audience has responded well to what you offer them, chances are high that you will show up as one of their suggested alternative videos.

More channels earn £10,000+ year on year than anywhere else

YouTube can provide companies with more than just an excellent platform for promoting their businesses – it also serves as a revenue generator. A successful channel with a large following can generate up to PS10,000 annually for them! Many influential individuals have seen their accounts skyrocket after sharing videos about themselves through the platform.

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To conclude

YouTube stands out among all other available online platforms as being among the fastest growing. Once your account has accumulated followers, making sales is relatively straightforward if your following has grown enough. If camera shyness is an issue for you, YouTube allows in-video advertising or influencer marketing options for in-video advertisements to increase reach and sales conversions.

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