The Inside Guide on Converting Leads

Most articles on our knowledge hub have focused on lead-generation strategies and platforms, with an emphasis on turning leads into sales! Once we have collected leads for you to use, however, what should they be used for? That is why we developed this guide on how to convert them.

Yes! I have generated Leads but what do I do?

Imagine this: right now, you are sitting before leads from potential customers who could use your service. Your mind races as you consider which leads are worth contacting first, prioritizing those likely to bring in the most significant profit. Don’t leave them waiting. Once you receive an inquiry, contact them or find another means of reaching them immediately to validate the lead and ensure its profitability.

When we say, “Make contact,” – what we mean is simply this – do it immediately and validate their lead as quickly as possible! Qualification of leads involves the process of verifying their authenticity. Once your initial dialogue with them has taken place, follow up with them by gathering more details on their needs so that your services and products meet those demands.

Do this for all leads that come your way before classifying them according to which ones are the most essential and will bring in money.

I have ranked them, what should I do next?

Follow-up calls are easy! Unfortunately, most leads generated won’t turn into paying customers right away.

Start your customer service processes today, if possible, by employing sales staff to qualify leads and make appointments – this creates urgency while showing your level of customer service when calling them back on their scheduled date/time.

Please keep in mind that not all sales occur instantaneously; some people take time paying off debts; incentives might help to speed things up!

You mentioned Incentives, how could that help in converting leads?

Engaging customers through customer engagement strategies is an effective way of cultivating a commitment to your products or services, but it doesn’t have to involve lavish giveaways of large sums of money. Instead, consider these initial ideas for turning leads into customers:

– Offer An Incentive: Incentivising new customers doesn’t need to break the bank; try offering a 10% discount when they make their purchase within 5 days after receiving a quote. While this won’t significantly impact your profit margins (assuming adequate profit has already been built in), it can serve as an attractive lure.

– Ask for the Sale: It is an often neglected step in sales; don’t be shy to ask for the sale! After presenting your product or service, if your customer appears disinclined to move forward, simply ask if they would like to proceed – their worst response can only be “no.” 

– Focus on Return on Investment (ROI): If your product or service offers significant potential for return on investment (ROI), make sure that you emphasize this aspect. Explain to clients and customers exactly what their ROI would look like by outlining benefits; sometimes, this can provide the final push necessary to close a sale.

Hatchbuck’s blog provides more strategies on incentivizing customers by posting “6 Ways to Incentivize Your Customers to Refer You. “

To Summarise

Note that lead conversion is just as essential to lead generation efforts as any marketing channel you utilize. No matter how hard you try to generate leads, if they can’t be prioritized and converted, then all efforts to develop them become unproductive.

When representing your brand positively to customers or potential buyers – such as verifying purchases – be sure to express it completely so they will become customers!

Additionally, driving traffic to your website is vital in producing leads; read our guide on How to Generate Website Traffic to learn how you can attract more visitors to your website today!



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