The 10 Best Marketing, Social Media and Content Apps for 2022

The 10 Best Marketing, Social Media and Content Apps for 2022

We’ve all experienced it! In this article, we examine some of our favourite apps for content and social media usage during 2022. We have selected ten advertising, social media and content apps as our top choices.

Every year, new technology emerges that makes staying current easier than ever before.

2022 will be different than any year prior as we adapt to a globalized lifestyle and form of working.

Each year, new companies continue to challenge the status quo and make our acclaimed top 10 list.

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SocialBee is an ambitious social media platform, having made the top spot on this list.

SocialBee is an efficient way to generate leads on social media without exerting too much effort, offering all the social media management tools you could require for easy use.

Automating the posting of social media updates to the platforms that matter allows you to focus on what matters for your business or marketing plan.

SocialBee’s Workspaces will help reduce the chances of making mistakes or accidentally posting something to an inappropriate profile by offering multiple categories for designing posts instead of writing them yourself and adhering to an exact schedule.

SocialBee’s category-based and always-on posting capabilities make it stand out from other platforms – this ensures you have an efficient content mix for each social media platform.

Start by signing up for a 14-day no-cost trial – no credit card is needed here!

2. Social Boost

Social Boost will remain the go-to Instagram marketing service in 2022, employing a team of trained Instagram marketing specialists who work exclusively on managing and expanding Instagram accounts – no robots, automated systems or false promises here!

Social Boost is designed to expand your Instagram presence by helping you gain real followers who will engage with and promote your content.

  • Real Social Followers: Social Boost provides an effective solution for building genuine followers who interact with and share your posts.
  • By 2022, our growth strategy will work perfectly, unlike other businesses.
  • Safe and Secure The Instagram platform is safe and secure; we don’t employ robots or automatons and ensure that you comply fully with Instagram’s Conditions of Service.
  • Real Instagram Marketers: Our team is hand-selected and trained on the newest Instagram Strategies for Growth.
  • Advanced Optimization Advanced Optimisation: Our in-house Data Scientist tracks and optimizes your data in order to continuously increase its effectiveness.
  • Analytics & Reports: We offer monthly custom reports designed to assist in understanding your campaign’s performance.
  • Handcrafted Growth Marketing that we create directly by hand using real people and real devices.
  • 24-Hour Support: Our team is always here for you, offering live chat support around the clock to answer all your queries!

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3. Adzooma

Put an end to tedious and complicated digital media marketing platforms with Adzooma’s all-inclusive platform for digital media – online marketing becomes effortless!

Create accounts to manage, optimize and automate your marketing campaigns effortlessly – then scale up without additional work!

Adzooma provides efficient time- and stress-saving features that help minimize workload while guaranteeing that marketing performs effortlessly.

Take a quick and easy way to evaluate the state of your business with Adzooma’s marketing score analysis tool today. Simply follow its step-by-step steps for improving it and building digital marketing strategies that expand the business.

4. Cleverly

If you want to use LinkedIn effectively to engage potential customers, be smart. Be creative! If your goal is to use this social network effectively to do just that, then cleverness must come into play here as well.

Cleverly blends information from thousands of external B2B campaigns to deliver authentic targeted messages directly to your most desired customers through LinkedIn – and has received positive feedback right into your mailbox.

Cleverly leverages data collected from thousands of LinkedIn advertising campaigns to find, connect with, and bring qualified decision-makers directly into your selling funnel.

  1. Create lists of qualified contacts of potential candidates on LinkedIn.
  2. Send targeted, tailored, cold-mailing messages in order to increase responses.
  3. Send custom messages directly to many of your ideal customers each month.
  4. As soon as leads respond, you’ll receive instant notifications so you can immediately conclude sales deals.

Launch Cleverly by following this link.

5. Loom

Loom tops our list of social media and content applications for 2022. Loom is an instant video messaging program that allows users to send instantaneous video messages that can be shared instantly – perfect for video conference meetings with team members, one-on-ones, training videos or any other videos that require instant sharing!

Loom allows you to simultaneously record both the camera’s microphone and your desktop as it works, then release your film via its cutting-edge technology.

Once your Loom extension has been downloaded, recording can begin immediately.

Pay special engagement to the Recording Settings that will appear in this tab, where you can customize which details to include in your recording.

  • Record Your Camera and Screen
  • Screen Only Record: Record only your screen without cameras present.
  • Camera Only: Only record what is happening with the camera.

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6. SaneBox

SaneBox’s AI technology intelligently filters out emails of any importance from your Inbox.

SaneLater will automatically manage any distractions while you have the flexibility of further categorizing them using additional folders.

SaneBox keeps you on top of everything necessary, ensuring that you won’t be late for an appointment, project deadline, or customer request.

Your SaneMail folder provides emails for you to peruse whenever you have some free time.

SaneCC can assist in targeting the most essential FYI messages while batch-processing FYI messages to create actionable results.

Experience free inbox cleaning and a 14-day trial for Premium features when you click this link!

7. OnlyPult

Onlypult is an Instagram posting software that will transform any user into an expert at Instagram posting.

Onlypult allows you to track and schedule posts across various social accounts and provide statistics for them all. Plus, it has an extension for your browser, so you can write while browsing the internet!

Posts can be scheduled to publish at any time, and feature auto-publishing features to auto-publish them based on the chosen date and time. You can add images and videos to posts already scheduled to publish!

Your images or videos may also include watermarks or captions before uploading, making the upload more secure.

OnlyPult is a paid service offering a seven-day trial free of charge; plans begin at PS4.99/month after that.

8. Oribi

Oribi provides your company with the equivalent of having an Analytics and Data staff member available 24/7/365.

Oribi Marketing Analytics Tool provides businesses of any size the ability to make more intelligent, data-driven decisions with modern technologies, advanced features, and top-of-the-line Optimization guidance.

Check out what to expect when using Oribi:

  • Examine and evaluate your call-to-action and the most popular pages. The study which buttons your customers hit most frequently on which websites, as well as where visitors might fall through in terms of conversion attempts.
  • Do not focus solely on data; take a step back and consider the big picture. Oribi captures all web interactions and activities, providing an overview of significant events, trends, and patterns.
  • Monitor your top marketing channels: Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram and others. Observe how people who visit these channels behave; analyze usage patterns of these channels and determine which have higher conversion rates.
  • Cross-domain support: Utilize cross-domain funnels and monitor visitors across your domains.
  • Oribi was designed with the aim of making accessing web analytics as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. Without needing any coding knowledge, you can build funnels, identify conversion rates and generate reports with Oribi.

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9. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an advanced integrated social media management system that empowers you to leverage all the potential social has to offer your company – not only your marketing plan but every aspect.

Sprout Social has long been revered as an industry leader when it comes to customer support, usability and satisfaction, as well as return on Investment (ROI) and user acceptance across major review websites.

Social media publishing reports, scheduling solutions and publishing solutions allow you to focus on building strategies-driven insights for enhancing the reputation of your business while relieving you of any hassle caused by social media.

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Monday is a Work Operating System (Work OS) designed to enable teams to manage their workflows and projects without fear. provides teams with an accessible Work OS that enables them to build workflows, respond quickly to changing requirements, establish transparency, collaborate collaboratively and reduce manual work. Monday allows teams to work together. stands out with its modern and elegant aesthetic and easy user experience, making it one of the less costly apps due to both free level service as well as simpler subscription plans available from similar services. may bring back memories of Airtable or Asana if you’ve used these workplace management software platforms before.

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