Maximising your LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn has taken the world of marketing by storm in the last couple of years. Professionals continue to leverage this platform to advance their careers, while businesses utilize it for promotion purposes. If you already use LinkedIn for promotion purposes but would like to take it one step further, here is a guide on how you can maximize LinkedIn marketing.

Linkedin, is it worth it?

As previously discussed, LinkedIn has experienced rapid growth over recent years. It offers professionals a networking opportunity explicitly designed for them, so using LinkedIn lets you focus on building up your professional network while making connections with similar individuals in your industry.

LinkedIn now boasts over 660 million active users and new members are joining every minute, making it a key platform for businesses to advertise and promote themselves. LinkedIn corporate pages have made an accurate, impactful statement of intent about how individuals promote themselves as well.

Why LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn may not seem like the obvious choice for marketing on social media, but it certainly is. More businesses than ever before are advertising their businesses here, and individuals often do self-promotion to market themselves or promote others. When looking at LinkedIn, it’s essential to look at critical statistics. These include:

  • Comparable to Facebook, LinkedIn generates 277 percent more leads
  • LinkedIn accounts for over 80 percent of B2B leads generated online
  • LinkedIn is the go-to source for professional-relevant content, as 91% of top executives use LinkedIn

With these figures in hand, you can begin optimizing your LinkedIn marketing and see just how well it resonates with professionals – something which is especially vital if yours is a B2B company.

How to market on LinkedIn

Utilizing LinkedIn for marketing purposes can be straightforward if the necessary elements are in place. Though these concepts may appear basic, many overlook them:

Enhance Your Profile

Success in any endeavor depends upon mastering the fundamentals. Properly optimizing your LinkedIn profile should serve as the starting point to gaining attention on this platform; whether that means marketing via personal profiles or company pages, accuracy must always come first. Be sure to include professional photos as this platform specializes in business networking – pictures taken of you relaxing poolside won’t suffice here.

Share value-adding content

Although your goal may be to market and promote your brand on LinkedIn, its use has shifted away from overt sales pitches towards sharing insights into business operations and leadership.

In terms of content, the blogs or articles you’ve authored, especially those pertinent to your industry, play a crucial role in establishing trust. Providing accurate and valuable content can help build a strong following, ultimately enhancing your potential for lead generation. An interesting statistic underscores this point: 88% of LinkedIn’s top performers consistently address the informational needs of their audience. Undoubtedly, content holds significant importance in this context!

Engage Your Employees

People tend to prefer businesses that actively engage their employees. Engaging employees evokes positive reactions among your audience, instilling more faith in your brand. LinkedIn is built around connections; showing off employees as reliable representatives can demonstrate why potential clients should opt for your services.

Implement Paid Advertising

LinkedIn’s Match Audience feature provides an effective tool to maximize your LinkedIn marketing efforts. By retargeting website visitors and profile viewers connected to you, a matched audience allows retargeting of website visitors and profile viewers who may become acquainted with your brand, increasing conversion prospects into leads while serving as a subtle reminder. With so much going for LinkedIn marketing efforts nowadays, paid ads offer one way of expanding them even further. Take a look at Hubspot Social Media Advertising 101: How to Get the Most Out of your Ad Budget

Craft Personalized InMails

LinkedIn InMails can be an unnerving aspect. When used appropriately, they can bring positive results, but misusing InMails for aggressive sales pitches that target the wrong individuals could tarnish your brand’s reputation over time, as experienced by some recruiters.

InMails are accessible exclusively to premium subscribers and can help significantly expand the visibility of your brand if used effectively. A well-executed approach could generate favorable responses, leading to lead generation.

Vital aspects include researching your recipient and tailoring a message specifically to them; thorough research ensures a personalized and relevant message resonates with recipients; including references from their profile conveys genuine interest in outreach efforts.

To Conclude

LinkedIn can be an excellent way to expand your marketing plan. If you are already active on LinkedIn and looking to hone your LinkedIn marketing, consider following some of these tips for improvement. B2B businesses will find LinkedIn invaluable; regardless of type of business, though, creating personal brands through LinkedIn is often successful.



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