Managing your marketing during Covid19

Due to Covid19 affecting much of Europe, businesses must adapt the way they run their operations – including marketing. Physical locations may have to close for essential reasons, making online presence even more crucial for maintaining business operations. Therefore, managing marketing during COVID-19 could be the one factor that keeps your company running successfully.

Social Media

Now is the time to develop an effective social media strategy and set your business apart. Social Media offers you an effective channel through which to communicate directly with clients while marketing your business effectively.

Be mindful when posting content at this stage. Although marketing posts may seem tempting, being helpful is more effective in this instance. Give tips or assistance to your audience or customers regarding your product while helping to ease any fears they might be experiencing.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can utilize social media platforms during this period:

  • Utilize social media platforms to notify your customers about any alterations to services, delivery schedules, or inventory adjustments.
  • If your helpline has become increasingly busy, leverage Facebook DMs. Create an automated email for everyone who replies; if possible, agree with this arrangement to reduce time wasted by miscommunication.
  • If you utilize an automated social media management platform, ensure that all members of your team who require access have it.
  • If your sector is experiencing increased anxiety about an issue, consider creating a Facebook or LinkedIn group so your customers can come together regularly for discussion and updates.

Your strategy might already include some of these tactics; these are just some ways you can tailor the content on Social Media to have maximum effect.

Paid Search

Paid search has seen a steady decrease since COVID-19’s implementation. More and more companies are having difficulty fulfilling orders or providing services due to government restrictions; businesses are becoming preoccupied because their supply lines have been cut, forcing them to produce goods themselves instead of relying on outside suppliers.

One bright spot lies within this statistic, though. With more people working from home than ever before, ads that remain in place have proven more efficient. But consumer behavior changes mean you must stay on your game to make sure your advertising campaign remains efficient – these include things such as:

  • Make sure your budget is utilized effectively by targeting new keywords to reach your market.
  • If your company has changed hours of operation or locations, ensure your advertisements reflect this new information. Don’t risk calling immediately only to be told no one will answer.
  • Do your commuters still show up at specific time slots? Perhaps diversifying times is better.
  • Review your targets and KPIs regularly and assess if they remain achievable and relevant to current conditions.

Consider these key considerations when evaluating paid search marketing in COVID-19: budget considerations, relevancy to your industry and potential competitors, etc.

Launching your first PPC campaign may be daunting, so take a look at this blog post for additional guidance and details about starting an effective campaign from day one. How to Start an Effective Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign From Zero

SEO & Content

The content you produce during this phase is crucial in keeping followers engaged with your company or business, especially if its target market considers its products and services essential. A sales pitch alone won’t do the trick!

Be sure your content is tailored towards the target audience, following government-issued guidelines. Engaging and informative, your writing must not induce people to purchase your product without their knowledge. Use appropriate SEO keywords where applicable while also considering new ones to broaden your reach.

As well as what was mentioned previously, you may also take these additional steps:

  • Maintaining a website with fresh content to inform people of what you are up to – home working, implementing new operating hours, or not performing any customer work could all be possible activities to post updates.
  • Create a blog page dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will make it easier to keep all information relevant to the pandemic up-to-date and be easily removed if required.
  • Examine your SEO and general content strategies and assess whether they need adjusting. Many people base their designs around nonworking times, but has this changed? Have you made adjustments based on what works for you personally?

Your SEO strategy and content posted to your website are crucial to how people perceive your business in this turbulent era. Ensure you’re on the right path to keeping customers loyal by staying on course with these initiatives.

To Conclude

Maintaining effective marketing in COVID-19 is of vital importance. Once this outbreak passes, you need to ensure your business has enough support from its existing audience in order to survive. Adjusting your marketing strategy by looking at different channels and content creation techniques may be essential in keeping the doors open for business.



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