Lead Generation Myth Buster

Lead Generation should not be considered part of your overall marketing strategy, yet its importance must not be discounted. One basic question to remember when thinking about Lead Gen is, “What are You Doing To Create Leads?” You can learn more online about some myths surrounding lead generation and what actions should or shouldn’t be taken to generate them; enter our Lead Gen Myth Buster contest now!

Why are there Myths?

Simply put, there are various opinions surrounding Lead Generation and Marketing as a whole. So why should we trust Leads 4 Life? We have years of experience and many customer testimonials to back us up, so we put together a Leads 4 Life Myth Buster.

Myths surrounding Lead Generation typically revolve around companies trying to undermine competition or differing opinions or simply making an attempt at “lead generation.” Various strategies are available for approaching Lead Generation that suit individual businesses based on varying circumstances; implementing one into your marketing plan will eventually bring results.

All Leads are Good Leads

But not all leads may be ideal leads. While you could argue they provide you with an opportunity to reach more potential customers about your service or product, doing this could take considerable time and energy.

Qualification processes can help streamline Lead Generation efforts by organizing leads into those that must be addressed first, creating an organized method to manage Lead Generation while not overlooking high-quality leads.

Lead Generation Companies do not help

There is no doubt about it: Lead Generation companies can be helpful – provided they are used correctly and respected. Unfortunately, however, it can be all too easy for an untrustworthy Lead Gen company to take your money while not fulfilling its promise of leads.

Leads 4 Life have worked with businesses of various industries and are frequently praised by clients for our honest and attentive approach. Make sure that any Lead Generation company understands your goals before reaching out – before doing so, they should have an established track record and proven capabilities.

Cold calling from my sales team will generate me more leads than marketing

Cold calling has fallen out of fashion in today’s business world, as a referral is an ideal method of expanding one’s customer base. Cold calls alone won’t yield leads since competition for them is so fierce; on average, over 65 percent of people reject calls they perceive to be unintentionally cold or sales calls!

Utilizing marketing strategies like content or social media marketing will allow customers to develop an understanding of who you are as an individual or a brand. Marketing allows your business to add another dimension and draw customers toward you, making it an incredibly precise way of driving business growth.

If you are still cold calling, Close has put together an article with 36 effective cold-calling B2B tips to increase sales by 2020.

Social Media does not produce quality leads

Social media’s increased use by businesses today makes lead generation much harder, but you can create leads when executed properly. Timing and execution play key roles here.

Consistency with your content posting, engaging your readers, and the type of material published can all play a huge role. Be wary of overtly selling-related posts that turn people off – remember that social media is about building brand recognition!

Content Marketing does not produce quality leads

Content can now be consumed in many different ways through tablets, laptops, and even phones. Furthermore, different users access it; commuters, in particular, likely consume most of it before leaving work each morning – showing how content marketing generates quality leads.

Content creation takes many forms, from educational blogs focusing on specific markets or current issues in the world to discussing global affairs and answering reader queries. Combined with technical knowledge, these will draw readers in and increase website traffic and inquiries. Content is an opportunity to connect with potential customers and convince them of your company/brand’s worthiness.

To conclude

Many misconceptions and myths revolving around lead generation have surfaced across various sites, with plenty more myths not covered here. Since each needs different shoes for different situations, reading this Lead Generation myth buster may provide you with an overview of frequent issues relating to lead generation and can provide an effective starting point when trying out what will work for your company.

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