How To Improve Domain Authority

What is domain authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is an indicator that measures the quality of the domain of any website, used primarily to gauge the relevancy and quality of its content with regard to searcher intent. Search engines utilize it indirectly when ranking sites in their search results.

How do we measure domain authority?

As to how Google determines domain authority, no exact measurements exist of how your score has changed over time. However, estimates such as Moz’s scale from zero to 100 provide some estimates as more domain authority means more keywords are likely being ranked for and, therefore, qualified traffic coming to your website.

What contributes to domain authority?

As Domain Authority is one measure, various elements contribute to it. Estimates put its estimated total somewhere over 40; however, no search engine has verified this figure yet. But we can be reasonably certain of some key contributors:

  • Backlinks: When search engine crawlers recognize your content as authoritative, more backlinks increase its credibility and usefulness. More people who refer to your post increases the likelihood that it’s high-quality and useful.
  • Quality Backlinks: Gaining backlinks from highly authoritative domains will add credibility to your website, making the investment worthwhile. Not all backlinks are equally worth – some may prove more useful than others.
  • Social Signal: One of the more contentious aspects is social signaling. While this doesn’t directly impact your domain authority, extra traffic from social media platforms may increase click-throughclick-through rates, boosting domain authority and credibility with search engines.

How do I improve domain authority?

Content is of utmost importance for any domain’s authority, and increasing the quality of the website’s content, building links from high-quality websites, and ensuring its structure and usability can help strengthen it further.

There are various techniques for increasing the authority of domains; among these methods, some that work are:

  1. Producing high-quality content. When creating content, you must consider its quality about other creators in your area of expertise. Led by your knowledge, staying current is crucial.
  2. Linking to other trustworthy websites. By producing high-quality content, your aim should be to become widely known within your industry in order to gain backlinks from credible websites.
  3. Optimizing your website to achieve greater search engine visibility will increase traffic, and Google and other search engines take this as a sign that its content is trustworthy and reliable in your industry.
  4. Enhance social interaction and engagement of your site content through various social channels to drive increased traffic to it. Search engines may be the source of visitors to your website; however, activating social media platforms could also serve as another route.
  5. Create an interlinking structure to give search engines an intuitive user experience and establishes your website as a valuable resource hub. Search engines recognize this and will reward sites with strong interlinks by showing how content connects. Doing this gives visitors an impression that you are an authority in their field while giving the impression that this resource hub offers extensive content and can create trust among your audience.


Domain authority is an essential indicator for any site looking to increase its presence on search results pages. By taking steps to increase domain authority, your chances of ranking for relevant keywords and driving visitors will increase significantly.

Researching competitors and industries is one way to establish your authority within your domain. Please take note of what each competitor is doing or not having, then think about ways you could incorporate elements of that into your content to set yourself apart from them.

Understanding that Domain Authority is an overall measurement is of great significance, distinguishing this from page authority which can only be calculated on individual pages. An increase in Domain Authority can only benefit your website’s overall health and should be seen as a positive indicator.



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