An Introduction To Lead Generation

No matter your level or experience in digital marketing, our introduction to lead generation can be helpful.

How Can You Earn Money Today? As established businesses continue to fail and new start-ups try their luck at tapping into an ever-thinning pie, how can you generate profit and generate income?

First and foremost, customers or consumers are necessary for keeping your pie analogy working! Traditional marketing techniques may attract potential clients or buyers, but what if an opportunity arose where someone expressed an intention to purchase your product or service directly from you? Wouldn’t that be perfect?

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So, Lead Generation, what is it?

“Lead” refers to any individual or organization who has expressed an interest in purchasing what your company sells.

Have we not all received cold sales calls promising us this or that? How often have we given these calls any consideration, if at all? Two out of ten times would likely suffice.

Even though smaller businesses might not get calls, they too must create business and can often be more significant than large national firms.

Lead generation is a technique designed to ensure all leads you receive are relevant to your business and industry. For genuine leads to be certified, they must first go through certification.

Most often, self-qualification occurs when individuals contact or fill out forms directly for contact purposes. However, some amount of human effort must also be exerted for qualification to occur, as described below.

MQL VS SQL (Explaining the jargon)

As discussed previously, we’ve all experienced sales calls from the middle of the night. But this case differs.

SQL stands for Sales Qualified Lead and refers to any method of attracting immediate customer interest for a product or service. Usually, you are given 24 hours to respond and maintain their commitment by responding immediately and positively.

MQLs (marketing qualified leads) are leads generated through natural means that demonstrate interest. Though less direct, MQLs remain effective because it give you a chance to discuss your products or services more in-depth and increase conversions – time to SELL SELL SELL!

Do I need Lead Generation?

By no means is this an easy or fast way to make money at work; however, it may help your company generate extra income.

Lead Generation provides an opportunity for shorter business growth cycles. Leads generated are more accurate as potential clients or customers have expressed an interest in purchasing your product or service.

To summarise our Introduction to Lead Generation:

  • Lead generation could be just what you need if your aim is to generate more cash through specific search efforts.
  • As previously discussed, this isn’t a quick way to make fast money.
  • Lead Generation provides your company with cost-efficient ways of expanding your business without spending hours and hours focusing on business development.

Once you’ve finished reading this post, why don’t you explore our beginner’s guide to lead Generation?



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