Undeniable evidence: You need lead generation!

Below, we explore some compelling arguments in favor of lead generation.

Whether you are new to lead generation or trying to convince your manager it is the way forward, evidence may be necessary for convincing either side.

We have you covered! Our experts have put together an array of statistics and facts, along with an explanation for why Lead Generation may be necessary for your business.

To Begin…

Therefore, it is crucial that potential leads can easily understand what a lead is and its generation. A lead occurs when a potential customer expresses interest in your products or services. In contrast, lead generation involves finding those leads from those individuals who intend to purchase what you offer or those who represent the desire for what you provide.

Consider what method and procedure you use when searching for leads and discovering leads. Both aspects are vitally important; firstly, creating leads is about expanding business opportunities that you can capitalize on.

Two questions arise after you’ve identified leads: 1) Are they action-oriented? Though you could generate leads worldwide, without making contact, they won’t be effective. 2) What steps have been taken since finding these leads?

The Facts and Figures…

Let’s consider some solid arguments why investing in lead generation should be your focus:

  • Lead generation is used by 83% of marketers working in B2B marketing.
  • 39 percent of marketers have generated leads via Facebook.
  • 81% of businesses cite their blog as their primary source of leads.
  • Automating lead management enables businesses to experience an increase in revenue of 10% in 6 to 9 months.

Lead generation outsourcing is 43% more cost-effective at its core than creating leads on our own.

Why is the above stat important?

Let’s consider the business aspect, something Leads 4 Life takes seriously.

Outsourcing leads may appear like an additional expense, but its success rate ultimately determines its cost-effectiveness. According to companies’ estimates, outsourcing leads is 43 percent more cost-effective than doing it internally due to increased levels of effectiveness.

Lead Generation specialists in Norwich and beyond offer efficient and rapid market access for any client who requires this service, whether that is a dentist, heating engineer, or local small-scale business. We’re here to help.

An outsourcing service offers businesses or business development teams many advantages, allowing them to focus their energy on other aspects of running and growing their company instead of being concerned with lead generation and pursuit.

Businesses like ours provide leads that have already been pre-vetted to ensure you reach only interested prospects.

Summary: Undeniable evidence and why you need lead generation!

Still, need convincing? Let's make the case!

Revenue will always remain the focal point. But how exactly can Lead Generation create revenue?

Simply stated, customer engagement gives you the chance to inform and educate customers on products and services they might not know about – providing an ideal opportunity for promotion of these offerings and marketing of your company image.

Lead Generation can and will increase the revenue of your business. Use it and witness how it transforms.

How do we work with Leads4Life?

2020 promises us some truly thrilling developments that are poised to transform how we operate as a company, which we cannot wait to reveal! In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for new content being uploaded every week!

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