Bing Ads v Google Ads: The Knowledge Hub Guide

Bing Ads may often go unseen when discussing PPC advertising; however, it should be considering how we can use both platforms to benefit our businesses and maximize Bing vs. Google ad opportunities.

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What is Bing Ads?

Microsoft Ads was previously known as Bing Ads; however, its official change to Microsoft Ads reflects a platform for advertisers to advertise online using tools and properties owned by Microsoft – Bing, Outlook and others – including Bing ads, Outlook mail and others. Businesses can target specific groups with their advertisements while tracking the effectiveness of each ad campaign.

Bing Ads is an invaluable asset in producing leads to businesses of any size. By targeting particular audiences and measuring campaign effectiveness, businesses can maximize the rescue on their advertising dollars spent. Thanks to Bing Ads being seamlessly integrated with Microsoft products and services, managing and setting up campaigns is made simple; making Bing Ads worth considering for engaging customers and growing your company.

What are the advantages of using Bing Ads?

Bing Ads have several distinct advantages over competing platforms for advertising purposes, including:

Bing Ads reach a global population, including both Bing and Microsoft users, giving businesses access to potential customers who might not use other search engines for search.

  • Targeting: Bing Ads allows businesses to target specific groups of people with their ads. Businesses can customize their marketing campaigns to reach those most likely interested in the products or services.
  • Integration: Bing Ads integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Services and Products, simplifying campaign creation and management. Excel users can even build and track campaigns to save time and money when creating campaigns with Bing Ads.
  • Reporting: Bing Ads provides businesses with comprehensive reports about their campaigns, with data on clicks, impressions, and conversions to help optimize campaigns for more significant outcomes. The information can also help refine and modify movements as necessary to maximize results.

Bing Ads offers many advantages that make it an attractive option for businesses advertising online. If you aim to connect with more customers and expand your business, Bing Ads may be an ideal way to do it.

Audience Targeting Capabilities

Bing Ads v Google Ads comparison can be particularly insightful here. Bing Ads stands out from Google Ads by offering more demographic targeting options – this includes gender, age, income gender, and household size targeting options.

Bing Ads also provides additional targeting options based on location. You can target ads by city, state, country, or even postcode. Furthermore, unlike Google Ads, which only allows keyword targeting capabilities for targeting, Bing Ads enables advertisers to select users based on past searches and interests rather than keyword searches alone – these differences give Bing Ads an edge when it comes to targeting capability, though both platforms provide enough choices that should meet most advertisers’ requirements.

Bing Ads v Google Ads: Traffic

Bing Ads is the second-largest search engine advertisement platform worldwide, trailing only Google Ads. While Bing Ads may receive less traffic than its competitor, this should not detract from considering it as part of your online marketing mix strategy.

Bing Ads provide an effective means of reaching new audiences that may not use Google or other search engines and can often be less expensive than traditional advertising forms. Although Bing ads typically receive approximately 10% fewer visitors than Google Ads do, that doesn’t make it less effective; Bing users tend to be more active, and conversion rates may even exceed other search engines!

If you’re considering including Bing Ads as part of your digital advertising strategy, it is essential that you understand the different types of traffic from both Bing and Google. Below is a table demonstrating monthly average search volume figures on both platforms for various terms searched on both.

As seen here, there’s a noticeable gap in traffic between Bing and Google ads – though that shouldn’t sway your decision on either. Bing ads certainly merit a look – check them out now to learn more!

If you plan to utilize Bing Ads for online marketing purposes, it is essential that you are aware of both traffic patterns on Google and Bing.

Should I use both Bing Ads and Google Ads?

Reasons exist for considering both Bing Ads and Google Ads as potential advertising strategies, with these significant advantages:

  1. Reaching a more comprehensive market is achievable. Bing Ads allows you access to Bing users, who make up approximately one-third of all internet users worldwide, while Google Ads grants access to two-thirds. So by using both platforms together, you will reach the majority of Internet users.
  2. Gaining insight into user behaviors is possible. Bing and Google both offer valuable information on user interactions online, which will assist in crafting an effective marketing strategy to reach specific groups of customers more directly.
  3. Bing Ads often has lower cost-per-click rates than Google Ads, meaning more visitors to your website at lower costs per click.

There are numerous advantages to leveraging both Bing Ads and Google Ads platforms; if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, now might be the time.



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