10 Ways To Generate Leads With Social Media

This article’ll look at ten strategies for harnessing social networks to generate leads.

With any growth strategy you adopt, generating leads should be part of the plan. This may prove challenging when promoting products or services or your brand itself.

Positively, social media may prove itself as the ultimate lead-generating tool.

Social media’s global user base of more than 3.5 billion provides businesses with an ideal opportunity to generate leads and connect with consumers. Implementing the appropriate strategy at the appropriate time is the key.

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Social Media Lead Generation: What Is It And Why Use It For Lead Gen?

Leads can be defined as any information that could lead to someone becoming interested in your products or services.

Assuming there is enough information, it could include everything from names and email addresses, complete employment titles and addresses, details about job duties performed etc.

Lead Generation through Social Media or Social Media Marketing.

Marketing campaigns targeting both consumer and business audiences can satisfy by using social media to generate leads, enabling marketers to identify those users interested in their product(s).

Target your potential customers with offers and content relevant to them before turning them into paying customers.

By strategically using social media, businesses and brands can establish themselves as reliable information providers to prospective customers.

By increasing brand recognition, driving site traffic, and expanding social media interactions, you can increase lead generation performance – this is at the core of it all.

Let’s review some of the most effective strategies for gathering sales leads through social networks…

Top 10 Ways To Generate Leads With Social Media

Now that the introductions are out of the way let’s examine how social media can help create value leads for our businesses.

1. Make Use Of Sponsorships To Get More Leads On Social Media

Instead of depending solely on paid ads, an effective strategy for drawing in new leads would be advertising on social media websites your target market already uses. Perhaps consider sponsoring popular television blogs, shows and YouTube platforms among that target population segment.

Hire an experienced content creator to tell a short and entertaining tale about your company, brand or service – rather than trying to reach an unresponsive target audience with your message directly.

Sponsorships can be powerful tools in the commercial world if executed effectively. They offer an alternative viewpoint of your brand or event while seamlessly incorporating your message into video content produced by talented, influential people who would typically not click on advertisements like yours.

Wonderful Tech used Cadbury’s brand to reach an entirely new audience for one of their videos that has amassed more than 2.4 million views on Youtube.

2. Use Social Proof In Your Posts

Customers’ stories and testimonials could help convince more potential customers to join your company.

Promoting the value of your brand by showing how customers have been helped by its products and services is one of the best ways to build credibility and social proof and draw customers further down into the selling funnel since customers seek an organization they can trust.

“Nature Made” understands this concept well and has taken one step further to apply it in their article about purity and power in conjunction with third-party pressure:

But it isn’t just social media which requires evidence.

Fender has implemented this concept successfully on their site with impressive claims such as providing over 44 million guitar lessons and receiving 75,000 5-star reviews!

Social proof doesn’t get any stronger than this:

3. Use Lead Magnets

An effective incentive can often motivate individuals to provide you with information.

You must develop eye-catching Lead magnet deals that attract people to achieve this goal.

It could range from research articles and free tools, discounts or case studies, webinars, whitepapers or any other service you might offer as possible options.

Office Vibe offers users a great value-adding magnet, such as this checklist for productive meetings. In exchange for providing email addresses and first names, they’re providing them with a complimentary eBook which allows them to keep up with marketing emails:

The keto food list from Wholesome Yum is another remarkable source of inspiration and interest.

An individual interested in beginning or contemplating beginning a keto-friendly diet could easily access this free download; all it requires is providing their email address and first name, allowing them to diligently follow up with their email marketing.

4. Use Targeted Ads and Special Offers

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads strategies can be an excellent way to generate leads over the web.

Paid social ads provide businesses with the chance to reach customers more precisely with advertisements that may pique their interest.

Ads that feature content about specific topics can raise awareness about discounts, special offers and limited-time offers on products and services offered by your business.

P.F Chang’s has leveraged this concept incredibly successfully through their “Farm to Wong” campaign, even going so far as registering the term ‘Farm to Wok’ so no other marketer may utilize it in their advertising or promotion strategies.

5. Make The Most of Lead Generation Ads To Get More Leads

Do your marketing on social networks even more successfully by using lead-generation ads. These advertisements feature pre-filled forms to enable customers to sign up quickly without spending too much time filling in personal information.

This helps save time, increase conversion rate, and maximize efficiency when lead generating by including a CTA for downloading an ebook or signing up to attend a webinar.

Actual studies reveal LinkedIn lead generation forms have an average 13% conversion rate, while landing pages tend to yield 2.355% conversion rates.

Facebook provides lead generation forms. It would be remiss not to take advantage of them.

Below is an original fill-in campaign created by Orangetheory Fitness to be utilized during their US campaigns:

6. Use Retargeting Ads and Drop-Basket Campaigns On Social Media

Retargeting allows you to reengage customers who have visited your website but did not complete a questionnaire.

The first ad that you placed on your website might have been seen by someone who clicked it and read your page but did not complete the registration process. Retarget them using reminders so they complete the registration form.

Retarget visitors to your website who arrived via search engines or other referring websites or have read blog posts but have yet to join your mailing list etc.

Retargeted ads offer significantly higher click-through rates (up to 10x greater) than traditional display advertisements.

Establish your retargeting campaign step by step for optimal results.

An awareness-stage advertisement could focus on the most prevalent concerns and objections.

Contrarily, a “consideration stage ad” uses testimonials or social proof to increase confidence among viewers.

Serve up content based on the actions taken by your audience by labelling pixel events.

Air BNB knows exactly how to create more engaging ads and execute their retargeting strategy very effectively, as evidenced in their Facebook advertisement (shown below).

7. Host Your Own Webinar Or Conference

Virtual events and conferences are an excellent way to reach a targeted public, show your expertise in your field, and build leads through social media. Participants typically provide their contact details in order to attend or take part in such an event.

Consider hosting an online conference focused on topics of particular interest to your target market and that fall under your field of expertise.

Take the opportunity to use events as an opportunity to discuss important industry topics, offer advice, and invite renowned speakers. In addition, events can generate content ideas through posting to social media throughout the event or repurposing footage post-event for later use.

Neil Patel is no stranger to webinars, having hosted hundreds or even thousands over time and always using the same method for marketing them. Here are a few examples from his past events:

8. Referral Campaigns Help Generate Leads On Social Media

An effective referral program could double your social media leads.

Your customers can earn rewards by referring friends. In turn, those they refer will become exposed to your product/service and may become new prospects.

To achieve success, offering an attractive incentive, such as a present card or voucher for free goods as a thank-you for referring someone, can be helpful.

Booking.com has long used social media to leverage its reach, as evidenced by one of its refer-a-friend programs (below). You can see why it works instantly from this photo:

9. ‘Listen’ On Social Media To Generate More Leads

Once you’ve begun listening, there are various other ways social media can help generate high-quality leads.

Monitor social media discussions where others are participating, and stay tuned to the topics that come up.

This will help you to determine the most efficient means of producing quality leads for your company.

If you are dissatisfied with a product offered by one of your competitors, perhaps suggesting something different might make their day. Anyone looking for assistance will likely appreciate your suggestions, and those interested in your brand or product will also appreciate your prompt assistance.

HubSpot’s team of social media managers understand this concept, and I owe them my appreciation for applying it in this article:

10. Be Human!

This aspect is just as essential as any of those listed here.

When conducting social media marketing campaigns, it is vitally important not to lose sight of their human element.

People purchase goods and engage with each other to keep our world running smoothly. It’s their interactions that drive society forward.

Make sure that your social media posts encapsulate the values of your brand. Also, ensure that the staff managing these accounts can always assist.

Your target audience will appreciate it and may be inclined to purchase from you.

No matter the size or scope of your business venture, anyone can manage it successfully.

Dominating With Your Social Media Campaigns

Here are 10 effective strategies for using social media to generate leads.

These highly successful social media lead-generation strategies and tactics will allow you to see an increase in social return on investment.

Your business can only develop over time when its lead-generation efforts are evaluated for effectiveness and ways to enhance them are sought. Leads 4 Life would be delighted to assist in this regard and gladly provide any necessary information.



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